Saturday, January 16

Anydesk Overview

Most likely, each of us used such a famous application as TeamViewer, which can be called the ancestor of remote access SOFTWARE. The program uses its own DeskRT video codec, which transmits not the whole image, but only the changed part of the image.

Downloading and installing

You can download this app for Windows on the official developer portal. The program is available for Linux. It provides a portable version and an installation option in Windows. But this is not 2 separately uploaded startup files, as in a huge number of cases. The ability to install AnyDesk in the system is implemented inside the portable version. It is worth noting that the app is free and its interface is intuitive. For one-time remote access cases, there is no need to install this utility in the system.

How does the program work?

The principle of its operation is too simple. Everyone can deal with it. To connect 2 computers, you should enable the utility program on them, which will receive their email address. To connect to the client computer, the user must consent to the connection. At the same time, there is a great opportunity to allow audio transmission, allow management of the connected hardware of the client PC, and make data synchronization. You can set a password in the program settings that will allow you to connect to the computer without a request if necessary.

Full independence

AnyDesk is the first utility for remote access that provides enough power to ensure long, smooth and not very heavy work on a remote PC. All programs, documents, and settings on your home or office computer can be quickly accessed at any time without confusing network configuration. And all the information remains where it should be: on your personal computer.

Easy interaction

Together you will be able to achieve the most possible. AnyDesk is also great for General Internet work. Using the optional display of 2 manipulator cursors, you can work together on texts, images, or other documents. Everything is very simple, fast and easy.