Saturday, January 16

How to build effective business processes

Effective business processes are the main condition for building an effective business that generates money, not problems. Only specialists who know one important secret can build such business processes. There are not many people who know it, so there are also very few companies that use high-quality business processes.

The secret is simple and consists in the fact that business is basically an idea. Effective business processes are obtained only if they are built around the idea that underlies the business and are aimed at implementing this idea. Ideas are the basis of business processes, absolutely all business processes and all businesses, and they are the starting point of any business.

Any business is also uploaded with an idea, but it is already a implemented idea. In fact, business is the process of implementing an idea. At the entrance of any business there is always a new idea, and at the exit of any business there is always a realized idea. Money is not the basis of business, but the result that is obtained if effective business processes are applied.

The most effective business processes

The more efficient business processes are used, the more money the business generates. To such processes is possible only in the case if you rely on the idea of business. To rely on the idea of a business – it first needs to be defined and there are big problems with this. According to statistics, only about 5% of businessmen know the idea that underlies their business.

The remaining 95% of businessmen build their business intuitively, which leads to a large number of problems in business. An idea is not only the Foundation of businesses and business processes, but also everything in the world. For example, consider the preparations for the barbecue. At first, there is only an idea – to go to a barbecue, which is then implemented according to a certain algorithm.

At first, the idea of organizing kebabs comes to someone’s mind. Then there is its distribution. We start calling friends and inviting them to join us. Initially, not everyone needs such an event, because not everyone is imbued with this idea. Accordingly, some have to implement this idea, overcoming their resistance.

Ideally efficient business processes

If we manage to implement the idea, the resistance is overcome, there is a desire to join, and the right company is going to gather. It’s the same in business. First there is an idea of a business, then it spreads, while certain difficulties are overcome, and then there is a need for a product or service that corresponds to this idea.

This is also the basis for the sales promotion system. Speaking of kebabs, there is a problem of the place of their organization. Accordingly, when the company is assembled, there is a choice of location. Here there are difficulties, because the idea of how to hold an event may be at least one, but it is a little different, because different people see everything differently.

How to get effective business processes

When everything is ready, the team moves to the chosen place and there the idea is finally implemented in the process of cooking kebabs and their subsequent eating. As you can see, initially there was an idea that was gradually developed and implemented, until it finally made it. If the implementation of the idea was ineffective, it would not be possible to implement it.

To build an effective business processes

Effective business processes are possible only if they are built around the idea of a business, because the idea of a business is its Foundation. At the same time, the basic business process is the process of implementing the idea that underlies the business. The rest of the business processes are processes that serve the underlying business process and its component parts.

You can define the idea of a business and as a result build effective business processes by working with the business program. In particular, working with legram will help you to immerse yourself in the business idea, pump it, understand it 100% and as a result understand 100% of the business. Pumping your business will allow you to see what was previously unavailable.